BOX Organizer for flashcards FREE

Keep organised and tidy your flashcards (Arabic Letters Positions as seen in the picture) with these colourful boxes. They are FREE of charge and you will need only a computer/laptop/phone/tablet, download them and print them out! Choose a quality cardstock or photo paper with 200gsm or more weight to assemble the box.

OR you can print it out on normal paper with 75 or 80gsm and glue it on a cereal box, too!

Available in 2 colours - yellow and white.

- Yellow you will need a white paper!

- White you SAVE INK and you use a preferred coloured card paper!

Their assemble is very easy:

1st Cut by the grey lines.

2nd Trace the dashed grey lines using a ruler with a scissor OR a ruler and a pen cap carefully.

3rd Glue follows the order “glue 1”, “glue2” and “glue3”

4th After drying, ready to use!


Although the flashcards are intended to teach kids, this is not a toy so if you want to avoid a "smashed" box, keep away from little hands, in sha Allah.

Get your FREE download here.

Don't have the flashcards yet? Go here and enjoy teaching/learning, in sha Allah

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