This page offers our recommendations of tried and tested supplies that we use to assemble our products.

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HP Printer Paper 200gsm

High quality paper perfect for printing projects in home or classroom. Use it on flashcards, banners, puzzles, printable busy books and mats.

HP Printer Paper 100gsm

Quality paper, perfect for printing projects at home or classroom. Use it on worksheets, banners, puzzles and mats.

A4 laminating pouches

Great price. A4 laminating sheets with 150 microns and comes in a pack of 100. I use it for a variety of projects. Works very well for homeschooling or classroom. And can last you for a long time.

Hoop & Loop dots 13mm

Hook and Loop self adhesive dots 105 hook & 105 Loop. Great value for money and sticks very well on paper.

Dry wipe Markers

Economic dry wipe pens that comes in a pack of 50. Perfect for tracing activities. Great for teachers to use or students to use on white boards.

Corner Punch 5mm

Small and round corner punch perfect for flashcards or printable puzzles. Works really well and cuts cleanly on up to at least 200gsm laminated paper.

Fiskars Paper Trimmer - 30cm

An excellent tool to cut paper and can cut up to 5 sheets simultaneously!!
Perfect for flashcards, banners or crafts activities!!

Cricut Maker, Rose

Perfect electronic machine that cuts with precision more than 300 different materials! Create lot of projects for you or with kids and let the creativity flow!
Please see more details about it on the description from the seller!

Cricut basic set tools

Basic tools that to use on your projects when using any of the Cricuts machines (Cricut maker, Cricut Explore, or Cricut Joy)!
Please see more details about it on the description from the seller!